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Abbrevations in TBGs Edit

Users Edit

  • Tymewalk: Tyme (usually Ty by TheHockeyist)
  • TheHockeyist: Hockey (sometimes Hock by a few users and The by DownsGameClub)
  • DownsGameClub: Downs or DGC
  • PrincessPandaTBG: PPTBG or Panda (or Princess by TheTealWashableMarker)
  • TheTealWashableMarker: Teal
  • coolman2443: cool
  • TBGChildGamer: TBGCG, although he prefers CG (also TBG by epicanna27)
  • Faressain: Fares or Fare (don't mistake by fare)
  • jji10dino: Dino
  • joefarebrother: JFB or joe (or fare - used by Faressain, do not mistake with Fare)
  • jji7skyline: Skyline
  • Smiley100P: Smiley (sometimes Smiles)
  • Wordweaver: WW or Weaver
  • alexphan: alex
  • algmwc5: al (or Kat)
  • Floofy: sheepfox (used by Fares)
  • The2000 : t2000/2000

RPGs Edit

  • KQ: KittyQuest, an RPG run by CG
  • OHG: Once-Hungry Games, another big RPG, currently run by Tymewalk
  • M&M: Magic and Mayhem, a RPG run by Wordweaver (but it ended)
  • DtG:TBGs: Destroy the Godmodders: TBGs
  • AFiE: Alternate Future in Europe, run by Fares
  • CoPKMN: Chronicles of Pokémon, one of first more successful Pokemon using RPs, currently one of biggest RPGs (and one where Floofy transited with large experience onto TBGs...), run by Fares.
  • TTAP: Tappy Tap Adventures: Prequel, run by Pricey12345
  • TTA: Tappy Tap Adventures.
  • TDLIRTD: Tomodachi Life Islander Roll To Dodge, created by Smiley100P

Fandoms Edit

  • HS/MSPA: Homestuck/MS Paint Adventures
  • SU: Steven Universe
  • MLP(:FiM): My Little Pony (Friendship Is Magic)
  • TF2: Team Fortress 2
  • FE: Fire Emblem
  • JD: Just Dance (although Tymewalk is the only one using it)
  • KSP: Kerbal Space Program
  • PKMN: Pokémon
  • WBB: We Bare Bears
  • L4D(2): Left 4 Dead (2)
  • Sunky teh Hegug: Sonic the Hedgehog (used by coolman2443)
  • FKMN: Fakemon

Programs Edit

  • GIMP: Free image-editing tool, used as an alternative to MS Paint and Photoshop
  • Inkscape: Free vector image editing tool

Other Terms Edit

  • verflixt! (Tymewalk): A German slang word roughly equating to "darn it!"
  • JINX (CG started it but it spread): Something said when two users talk at the same time, usually followed by "YOU OWE ME A SODA" or some variant thereof
  • Блин! (TheHockeyist): Russian word for pancake, usually used as a filler swear word (pronounced "blin")
  • VERHEXEN! (Tymewalk): German form of "JINX!" (literally curse), usually followed by "DU SCHULDEN MIR EIN KEKS" (you owe me a cookie)
  • NYEH HEH HEH (Faressain): Random laughter.
  • GERSH DERN IT (CG): Gosh darn it but lighter.
  • DAGNABBIT (Tymewalk shamelessly stolen from DGC's comments): Similar to gosh darn it!T
  • Ninjaed/Ninja'd (most people): When you outpost someone by a very small amount of time (sometimes even zero seconds)
  • Kek (cool): used to supplement Lol.
  • <MEOW> (Smiley): Used to self-censor words.
  • (curse), (Valar Morghulis) or <hiss> (Faressain): Also used as a filler self-censor word. Curse is self-censor while Valar Morghulis is so-said "All men must die." Actual debut of <hiss> was in TTA, but eventually replaced <curse>.
  • [bork] (Floofy) - used as filler self-censor word.
  • Custom Emoticons - used to show feelings (only used and made by the2000)
  • Whta (the2000) : A substitute for "what"

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