An EEE W is a fictional game console in the roleplay Universeland and Intertwined FUSIONS. It first appears in Episode 3 - Dan. It is a parody of Super Mario Bros.

Universeland and Intertwined FUSIONS Edit

In Universeland and Intertwined FUSIONS, it first appears in Episode 3 - Dan, when the characters begin playing it. Smiley introduces video games to Ashley by playing Super Idiot Brothers on it. Eventually, Apple enters the room and "accidentally" smashes it. Smiley tells Apple that he is "no longer his favorite," and sends the EEE W back to the manufacturers.

It reappears at the start of Episode 4 - Mueuw, and is completely fixed. Apparently, the memory somehow survived the destruction. Before Apple and Smiley start playing, however, Smiley gets an idea for a video game console, and starts coding it. It causes Apple to make the iconic Cinamon game for the first time.

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