Like many other sites, TBGers from various fandoms can be seen on the TBGs.

List of fandoms present in the TBGs and which TBGers are involved in which fandomsEdit

TV ShowsEdit

  • Star Trek - P-Code
  • Steven Universe - Smiley100P


Video GamesEdit

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - PrincessPandaTBG
  • Just Dance - Tymewalk
  • Pokemon - Faressain, Floofy, Smiley and Shpore
  • Terraria - Faressain, coolman2443, Floofy
  • L4D2 - Faressain, Tyme (? - must verify)
  • Age of Empires - Faressain
  • Fire Emblem - coolman2443
  • Undertale - Faressain, Beagel
  • Final Fantasy - Pricey12345


  • Lord of the Rings - algwmc5
  • Harry Potter - Faressain (I'm usually silent about this, but that's my fandom...)


  • Their own animations - the2000

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