TBG Team members are the administrators of the Text Based Games Forums. They are the equivalent to the Scratch Team / ScratchR members on the Scratch Text Based Games Forums

TBG Team members are the most powerful of users, one level more so than are TBG Moderators.

mythbusteranimator used to be a TBG Team member, but he got demoted to a regular TBGer.


  • jji7skyline - The site founder, elected to host the new TBGs in the last election before the Scratch TBGs closed.
  • Somelia - an administrator who became a moderator in the Second Moderator Election but later became a TBG Team member on April 19, 2014. [1]
  • 360-International - An administrator elected in the last election before the Scratch TBGs closed. Retired on July 2015 and got hacked on July 2016



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