Biography: Edit

One of most influentive people of TBGs, joined back in 2015, on 28th November. He was first playing some RPs, most known are Alternate Future of World: Cold War and Attack of the Ponies 2.0, then he halted it for some months till Duels and Magic&Meyhem era. His activity was sparking from the moment he created prototype of CoPKMN - Swappermorph. Then he created some more RPs, including Swappermorph 2.0 (Beta version of CoPKMN), Alternate Future In Europe and DTG: TBGs. On 29th September 2016 Chronicles of Pokemon were created. Despite it, Fares still was joining a lot of RPs. It all changed when he influenced Floofy to join CoPKMN. It was getting faster and faster he had to focus on it. Meanwhile, his fandoms grew outside TBGs. He played some TTA, and met Pricey (who joined the TBGs later on). Lately, His influence is mostly Project Thanatos in TBGs and Pokemon Hexed Future on other forums. Despite that, Faressain wants the TBGs returned to full glory... or he wants it glorious. He's a big dreamer and sometimes strategist too. Although he may be childish and impatient sometimes, he can show a serious side, and has a lot of ideas. He requested for name change on 3rd February 2018. He was renamed into Thartler three days later. Lately, he tries to stay afloat of GM topic.

RPs: Edit

Swappermorph/CoPKMN: 6th July 2016 - 30th July 2016 | 4th August 2016 - 13th October 2016 | 29th September 2016 - 21st November 2017

(The most popular RP about Pokemon in TBGs, preceded by two lesser total crossover RPs, where people turned in unexplained accidents. CoPKMN was a lot other.)

AFIE: 6th October 2016 - 15th January 2017 (major players inactive)

(Kinda a country simulator, similar to Polandball comics/AFOE mapping videos, but from TBGers to TBGers)

Project Thanatos: 13th November 2017 - ??? (on hiatus!)

(Heroes try to figure out what kind of environment there is, and find the most optimal)

DTG: 11th August 2016 - 17th October 2017 (on hiatus!)

(Destroy The Godmodder, but for TBGers and not for others.)

ExperiMent X: 7th February 2018 - ???

(Inactive, somewhat scary, more scientific and older version of Fight or Flight, including better idea for turning bodies up, enhancing ideas from Polymorph RPs.)

Aftermath: Broken World (28th May 2018 - Present)

(There TBGers fight against their characters, they themselves have created. Most of them only want peace, but some seek vengeance or tread the world as one big playground.)

Best known RPing characters: Edit

Itaku (M&M; CoPKMN)

Agnes [CoPKMN; SoP; TTA: D&D(w/ Trebonth)] (Somewhat main. Don't know why.)

Trebonth [Duels; TTA: D&D(w/ Agnes)]

Faressain (AFoW:CW;AotP2.0;Duels;CoPKMN;TTAP) (Main no. 1)

Ferreton (CQ, TowDra)

Thartler (CoPKMN) (Main no. 2) (Lately returns in Aftermath, as resistance member)

Hatchie (SoP)

John Trebonth [CoPKMN(Ambiguous nationality, into Snivy), PHF(alternate, Polish version, into Snivy), EMX(Polish, into Tegu body by mind transfer)] (Main no. 3)

Talessa (CoPKMN) (Was main after Thartler by complete lack of ideas to replace her.)

Associated as: Edit

Sometimes: Assassin (Scratch, mostly inactive there)

Sometimes: Thartler the Expert Ranger (from another forums) (TBGs/TCF)

Sometimes: Snivy (a shiny one) (Sometimes Thartler about himself, TBGs/TCF)

Sometimes: Citizenball of Polandball (with custom flag)

Trivia: Edit

  • Thartler, like The2000, is the one of few active TBGers who doesn't use an alternate account.
  • He's often too lazy to edit his quote, and as such, the quote is somehow in fine state.
  • The only one who started in elections, lost, and created an RPG like nothing happened and skyrocketed it.
  • Thartler has the same username in Discord and TCF, but the nicknames and Avatars say otherwise.
  • The only one who took the Alternate Username Changes to heart.
  • Is Slavic, just like Hockeyist.

Fandoms of Faressain: Edit

Major: Edit

Pokemon, Terraria, Garry's Mod, Age of Empires, Countryballs (Formerly - Touhou and Undertale)

Minor: Edit

L4D2, Castle Crashers, Portal, Undertale, Diablo, Crysis, The Settlers, Europa Universalis, Assassin's Creed, Touhou, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter

"Hang on, we can do this. Like - we need people to do this!"

"Once upon time there was evil wizard called Faressain. He was sly and shady, preffering Pokemon over magic. Then he decided to create a game, where everyone was Pokemon, and he called it 'Chronicles of Pokemon'... But it never worked... Until he came up with Black Magic. He controlled people to play his game. Unknown is though if he really controlled them or they had free will... But when it was shining with glory, a hero called Shpore pierced his chest with a sword. But Faressain lived... and teleported far away, to take name of John Trebonth. But then Shpore changed him into what he would be - A Pokemon... Time and so, Trebonth tried to take back the throne... And eventually, he remembered of Shpore's greatest weakness - Sans. He stole Sans's Gaster Blasters and used them against Shpore, drawing his own powers onto them. The hero was eventually defeated, and the castle was rebuilded to be darker, more safe and... To include mind-washing machine."

"It's not our trouble..."


Example posts: Edit

  • While it was one of first posts, It's concrete, not like CoPKMN "Okay."
  • Oooooook... I messed up with length, making 4 characters post in a row, and taking alot of spaaaace!.
  • Swappermorph GMing must've been good, but making people stay was a fail.
  • On other hand, this Swappermorph post was less detailed, including all 3 characters.
  • Eh, Early CoPKMN, it's honestly... something to improve too.
  • "When did my writing rust!?" Faressain asked with disbelief to his work. He had messed up his post so badly he regrets not putting quality into CoPKMN.
  • Well, that was also good post. Terminal speak is good too.
  • Wait, I know this! That's how I got my dreams!
  • Good lord... And I thought I wouldn't be able to GM as good as RekekkaTheFabulous
  • A TTA: D&D player post. It's perfectly balanced, more than CoPKMN/Swappermorph posts.

Cameos: Edit

  • Albeit drawn more like a caricature, all three older cameos (+ alternate 4th cameo) were shown in this drawing.
  • The second cameo (Faressain was lost in action)
  • Third cameo, although small and with an actual background.
  • The better version of my third avatar.
  • Polandball Variation of third cameo.
  • Fourth cameo, Polandball variation (by me also called citizenball - Thartler/Faressain)
  • An alternate version of fourth cameo.