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The War: Fakemon RP (abbreviated as TWFKMN) was started by Floofy on February 27, 2017, and very quickly took off, becoming the second-biggest active RPG on the TBGs. It takes place in a Pokémon world where two regions, Osaku and Lumis, are at war, and most of the main characters are trying to not get killed by the war (mostly on the Osaku side). However, there are no actual Pokémon, and everything is Fakemon (with the exception of Oovoo, which is a renamed Eevee because many users wanted to play as fake Eeveelutions).

Plot summary Edit

At the moment, there are 11 chapters of TWFKMN. Here is a summary of each of them:

Chapter 1: The Start of a Bond Edit

In the beginning, we are introduced to a few important characters, such as Catelo, Kai, Circuit, and more.

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 2: A Step Up Edit

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 3: Cupid's Reign Edit

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 4: The Visions Edit

(Work In Progress)

Towards the end of the chapter, the group meets Del, a police officer. They decide to get Del's help to cause a giant amount of trouble in the village, even freeing prisoners. However, the group winds up in a battle with the other police officers, and Jake nearly gets himself killed trying to defeat the officers. The group is put into jail immediately after.

Chapter 5: Making Friends Edit

The group is in jail, waiting about a week for their trial. Then, the alarm goes off, and Jake finally wakes up from his week-long coma. While the guards are distracted with other prisoners trying to escape, the group uses this as an opportunity to get out. As they run, they come across a Fakemon named Sigyn, who has all of the things they left behind when they were thrown in jail.

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 6: The (Technically) First Death Edit

While looking around for their group members, a portion of the group finds Deja unconscious. Catelo checks to see if she is alive, and finds she is more than unconscious - she's dead. While Catelo and Haskara have a brief argument over how to tell her boyfriend, Del, about it, he comes over to them and overhears. Del sees the corpse and spends some time mourning. Meanwhile, the rest of the group gets together, including Sigyn, who they are all excited to see. When Del wanders off and the group finds a newspaper talking about an attack on a police station, they guess it might be Del that did it. After some traveling and discussion, Catelo and Haskara decide to adopt some baby Oovoos.

Chapter 7: The Oovoos Edit

They find four Oovoos in a basket, wrapped up in a blanket, freshly hatched and without parents.

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 8: The Second Vision Edit

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 9: Group Meltdown Edit

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 10: The Etufos (and Ponycorn) Edit

(Work In Progress)

Chapter 11: Nuclear Bomb Edit

(Work In Progress)

(Please add to these and delete this line once you are completely done adding in the WIP chapters. I'm not very good at remembering random details of RPGs, so I couldn't fill much of this in.)

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